Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Nightmares, normality and namaste...

So in the early hours of this morning I was awoken by my eldest son, he was holding his soft toy pastie in his arms (yes that's right a soft toy pastie, as in the Cornish pastie you eat) looking upset. He had, had a nightmare, this was unusual for him so I told him to snuggle up inbetween me and his dad and go back to sleep, which he did still clutching his pastie. 

I woke up a few hours later to my youngest son shouting repetitively "mummy mummy mummy" which eventually pulled me out of my dreamlike state and threw me into reality with thump!! 

Me and my boys sleepily made our way downstairs, me panicking in my head that the only cereals we had left were the coco pops left over from our camping trip which we got only as a treat but would obviously send the boys into some crazed hyper state arghh but luckily when I opened the cupboards there sat the bran flakes (mwahaha). 

So as my youngest sloppily scoffed his cereals, dripping milk down his pj's, I thought I could de-stress by doing my new yoga DVD. 

Hmmm as soon as I started the namaste greeting my youngest sat there shouting "I get down mummy, I get down please mummy" I try to fumble with the controls to pause the DVD (amazed at how quickly he had eaten his breakfast) which is playing on the playstation, my eldest starts shouting at me as he thinks I don't know how to use the playstation controls! 

Wow what a nice relaxing morning so far, I try to stay calm but then lose my shit and tell my eldest to go upstairs and stop being so rude! He stomps upstairs, as my youngest does a poo in his nappy, my kitten does the stinkiest cat poo in her litter tray, I scan the rooms looking at the mess and wonder how did my morning that I planned turn into shit, quite literally!!

It did get better and I'm not ungrateful for what I have! I have two healthy boys, a home, a job, a loving husband, I am very lucky. I had planned a relaxing morning and eventually managed to do my yoga DVD then my son also had a go too which was great to see. 

I am now sat here motivating myself to clean/tidy the house that has just built up with mess over the past few days...a happy mess though, toys that have been played with, dirty clothes which are the reminisce of a fun weekend spent at a family wedding, dishes left over from a delicious meal I cooked last night, so all in all I need to stop blooming whinging and be grateful because somewhere out there as I write this, people are experiencing a very different reality to my own, no roof, no food, no kids, no husband or all of this together and through no choice of their own.

I'll take the nightmares, the shit and the mess.

Namaste x